Commercial and
Industrial Roofing and
Waterproofing Qualifications
Quality materials
Quality construction
Diverse product line
Independent metal fabrication facilities
Experience Modification Rate < 1.0
 Licensed in AL, FL, LA, MS, TN


Why choose Independent Roofing Systems?

You've seen our site and you know our promises. Quality people, materials and equipment. Done right the first time. We provide solid bids to do the work right, no shortcuts, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Other companies make similar promises when they bid your project but very few actually live up to them.

When choosing your contractor ask the hard questions and get references to back them up.

  1. Do you have experience with jobs of similar size and complexity? How often do your projects come in on time? Have you ever had an unrealistic deadline on a job? How did you handle it?

  2. How long will the project take? Do you have references to vouch for similar sized projects completed on time and on budget?

  3. Have you ever been late on a job? How did you remedy it?

  4. Have unexpected changes occurred on a major project? How were they remedied? Do you have references to vouch for the remedies?


Work and Services

Services include:
Thermography Analysis (Infrared Moisture Spectral Analysis)
24/7 On-call Emergency Service
Security Clearance Projects
Roof Inspection
Roof Restoration

Solutions include:
Sheet Metal Fabrication

Modified Built-up Roofing (MOD)
Single-Ply Roofing
Standing Seam Roofing
Specialty Waterproofing
Specialty Coating


Manufacturers and Products

In addition to fabricating custom roofing, Independent Roofing Systems utilizes quality materials from manufacturers such as:

Architectural Building Components
Johns Manville
JP Stevens
Siplast, Genflex
Suprema, Hickman



Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is currently 0.63 and has been under a 1.0 for 8 years in a row. Our employees are trained and we have a dedicated Safety Officer committed to insuring safety requirements are followed on every job.


Licensed to work

Independent Roofing Systems is licensed to work in the following states, in addition to states that do not require licensing such as Texas and Georgia.




National Roofing Contractors Association
Mississippi Roofing Contractors Association
Association of Building Contractors
The Better Business Bureau of Mississippi, Inc.


About the company

Company president Jimmy Hunter founded Independent Roofing Systems, Inc., in 1980 in Jackson, MS. In the decades since, the company has become a premier roofing contractor in the Southeast with annual gross revenues exceeding twelve million dollars. Independent Roofing Systems is known for taking on projects too large or complicated for other roofing contractors. Some of the company's larger projects are the most unique in Mississippi and include the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, the Jackson Colliseum, MCI World Headquarters, and the Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant. The differentiators most valued by Independent Roofing Systems are the quality and diversity of their products and roofing solutions, the quality of their people, the quality of their work, and their level of service. Jimmy Hunter sums it up when he says, "Pride in our workmanship and commitment to our customers are the core values of the company."


In-house metal fabrication facilities
Quality, trained people
Quality equipment
Multiple roofing solutions ready to go on-site
5090 McRaven Road Jackson, MS 39204    (601)922-4301