Jackson Colliseum
Jackson, MS
High liability/dangerous job
163,000 LBS of 20 OZ copper
Faceted cone in fanfold configuration with 180-foot valleys
Received the Association of Building Contractors award in 1997

This project required removing and replacing the Jackson Coliseum's old roofing with a new, faceted copper cone roof. During the entire construction the facility had to be fully functional for concerts, games, and other activities scheduled in the coliseum. This was a high liability job and special safety considerations were put in place to make sure no injuries were sustained. After completion, this project received the Association of Building Contractors award in 1997.


The roof features 163,000 LBS of 20 OZ copper in a faceted fanfold cone configuration. A ventilated nail deck insulation was installed under the copper roofing to provide air circulation. Because of the height and angle of the roofing, special safety measures were taken.


All waterproofing work was completed as part of the roofing project.


Special Considerations
Fencing was installed along the entire perimeter of the roof to provide fall protection for workers and materials. Also, this project worked around a four-month delay.


Faceted copper cone roof with 180 foot valleys
163,000 LBS of 20 OZ copper
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