Dogwood Festival
Outdoor Mall
Jackson, MS
Super-fast Track Project
10,000 SQFT Slate Roofing
10,000 SQFT of EPDM rubber waterproofing
12,100 SQFT of metal wall panels and soffits
189,000 SQFT of Johns Manville 4-ply built-up roofing system
Over 2 miles of fabricated gutters, downspouts, coping, and gravel guard  

Most projects are fast track, but the Dogwood Festival outdoor mall was super-fast. The entire project, from groundbreaking, was completed in 8 months. The roofing portion of the project had to coordinated to follow very tightly, building-to-building, in order to meet the schedule. And as part of the roofing, different facades had to be tied together. The result is an impressive center featuring slate, metal, and EPDM rubber waterproofing.


The roofing system incorporates 189,000 SQFT of Johns Manville 4-ply built-up roofing system, 12,100 SQFT of metal wall panels and soffits, 10,000 SQFT of EPDM rubber waterproofing, 10,000 SQFT Slate Roofing, and over 2 miles of in-house fabricated gutters, down-spouts, coping, and gravel guard. Finally, the multiple facades were tied together and matching metal soffits were installed.


All waterproofing work was completed as part of the roofing project.


Special Considerations
Because of the tight construction schedule, teams had to follow crews building-to-building in order to complete the roofing so that interiors could be completed on schedule. The entire roofing project was completed during a period of 18 weeks, within the 8 months of construction.


Fast track project.
Groundbreaking to completion in 8 months.
One of the largest outdoor malls in Mississippi.
Over 200,000 SQFT of roofing, metal walls, and soffits. Two miles of guttering.
5090 McRaven Road Jackson, MS 39204    (601)922-4301