Beau Rivage
Resort and Casino
Biloxi, MS
300,000 SQFT roofing
Over four miles of flashing
2,000,000 SQFT of interior protection
200,000 CUFT lightweight insulating concrete
200,000 SQFT of deck and planter waterproofing

Faced with a large project scope, a tight deadline, and a major hurricane, this project was completed on time. The 300+ foot building required a FM 1-90 grade, aesthetically pleasing roof. There is 2 million SQFT of waterproofed interior space including a theater and a convention center. Additionally, special building-wide expansion joints were required to allow 3-D movement between the barge-based and land-based parts of the structure. The barge-based portion of the building is capped with a foundation decking that incorporates six layers of water proofing and houses utility components. Hurricane George struck the area when the roofing was 80% complete. IRS was able to ramp up the work crews to meet the deadline in spite of damages, while other projects in the area suffered extreme delays.


The building complex has over 300,000 square feet of roofing. The roofing uses tapered lightweight concrete and an SBS Modified Roofing System consisting of Siplast Paradien 20 Base hot applied and a Siplast Paradien 30 Cap-sheet cold applied. In between, a Siplast Paradien 20 Base was cold applied after damage was sustained from flying debris from Hurricane George.


There are major waterproofing jobs completed in the interior as well as on the exterior. The 45,000 SQFT pool and planter area is constructed over a four-foot deep depressed slab directly over the casino gaming area. The upper and lower slab received six layers of waterproofing components, which had to be kept watertight through the tremendous construction effort including restaurants, bath rooms, pool equipment rooms, a 6500 SQFT swimming pool, a hot tub, a conservatory, multiple planters, and the 250,000 SQFT pool deck. Embedded in the waterproof decking are water channels, drink lines, electrical conduits, plumbing, and the pool.


Special Considerations
After Hurricane George struck, there was a severe labor shortage and, although the 80% complete roof stood up to 170 MPH winds, flying construction debris damaged 250,000 SQFT of roofing membrane. Meeting the opening date was critical since every day the resort was not open meant significant losses and a launch date was planned. IRS had men on the job the very next day, and crews were added to meet the accelerated schedule. Extra crews worked among others scrambling to cleanup, repair, and complete the job and the Beau Rivage opened on its target date.


400,000 SQFT of roofing
Interior planters for full size trees
Nine layers of waterproofing with integrated utilities
250,000 SQFT pool deck
5090 McRaven Road Jackson, MS 39204    (601)922-4301